I think sex with Nightcrawler would be interesting especially when it comes to the pull out method.

I want to watch Black Cat lick my cum like milk.

I want Bullseye to choke me while he fucks me.

I bet Cyclops loves to be dominated. If only he and Logan had just had savage sex, Schism wouldn’t have happened.

I want to fuck Gambit while he whispers dirty things in my ear in his sexy Cajun accent.

I would love for Bobbi Morse to talk dirty, filthy things to me as I eat her out. And I’m a self-professed straight female.

I would have a threesome with Bobbi and Clint. I’d love to go down on Bobbi and have Clint fuck me from behind.

Every time I see Billy Kaplan in his uniform I get the urge to nibble on the inside of his thighs.

Kitty Pryde can get it.

I often wonder who would be better in bed, Thor or Loki. Thor is bigger, but Loki I imagine to be kinky. But I don’t think anybody will ever know the truth because Loki will trick everybody into believing he is the ‘best’.